Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding your tenancy with the Nipissing District Housing Corporation

You must notify the Tenant Retention Officer of any changes to your household within 30 days of the change. 

If there are any household members being added to your lease, you will be required to complete a Household Composition Form and provide proof of income and assets.

If you are removing an individual or individuals from your lease they will be required to complete Release of Rights form.

It is important to notify the Tenant Retention Officer if you will be away from your unit for a lengthy period of time to ensure that we know that you have not abandoned the unit.  The Tenant Retention Officer will discuss with you or a family member any tenant obligations or responsibilities while you are away from the unit.  It is important to sign a consent form for a designated family member that will be handling your affairs.

Notify the Tenant Retention Officer within 30 days of any changes to your income.

If you start a new job have your employer complete an employment verification form, and submit you the the Tenant Retention Officer.

Making a significant attempt to get along with your neighbours is greatly beneficial for all parties involved.

That being said, we understand that this is not always possible.  If you have a neighbour that is affecting the reasonable enjoyment of your unit, you must document your complaint in writing by completing a complaint form.  Ensure you include dates, times and details and submit it to the office or email.

Due to privacy legislation all complaints are confidential unless the complaint results in an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

You can ask the Housing Corporation to review the decision; the request must be in writing, and within 10 business days after you receive notice of the change.  Upon your request, your file will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 10 business days.  You will receive the Internal Review Committee’s final decision within 5 business days.

Your written request should be addressed to the:

Nipissing District Housing Corporation
Internal Review Committee
200 McIntyre St East
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 8V6

Please note the individuals who made the original ruling on your file will not be part of the Internal Review Committee decision.

If you incur rental arrears there are assistance programs that may be available to you.

  1. If you are in receipt of Ontario Works (OW): notify your worker immediately. 

  2. If you are in receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program(ODSP): notify your worker immediately.  

  3. Contact LIPI, Low Income People Involvement at 705-472-1337. They have a rental and utility recovery bank program, which assists individuals and families with rent and utility arrears.

  4. If you do not qualify for any of the above services or programs contact your Tenant Retention Officer at NDHC, 705-472-2441 to determine how to set up a Repayment Plan.

Rent can be paid by the following methods:

- Debit at the main office, 200 McIntyre Street East

- Cheque or Money Order

- Preauthorized Payment

- Electric Funds Transfer (call the office to obtain your tenant number and get further instructions)