Welcome to the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board

Our vision: Healthy, Sustainable Communities

Mission: Support accessible human services in Nipissing District.

Vision: Healthy, Sustainable Communities.

Values: Putting People First, Pro-Active, Collaboration, Empowerment, Innovation, Inclusion & Diversity.

  • Maximize impact
    • Build on and expand partnerships and collaboration
    • Leverage opportunities for internal and external service integration
  • Remove barriers
    • House those in need
    • Enable client self-suffi­ciency and decrease the reliance on social assistance
    • Increase equitable access to quality early learning and childcare
  • Seamless access
    • Understand and define service access throughout Nipissing district
    • Enhance service planning and delivery
  • Learn and Grow
    • Become an employer of choice
    • Encourage career development and growth
    • Develop advanced technology solutions
    • Strengthen communications and public relations

Our Mission: Support accessible human services in Nipissing District.

This is what we do:

We help people to put an affordable roof over their heads, we make sure an ambulance takes you to the hospital when needed, we help residents find affordable childcare so that they can go to work to support their family, and we’re there when a little support can make a world of difference during a rough patch in life.


In 2023, 1,154 children in the Nipissing District received subsidized child care.

Housing Units

DNSSAB subsidizes 2,320 community housing units, including 2,109 units provided by 22 social and affordable housing providers.

Individuals & Families

In 2022, Ontario Works assisted 2804 individuals & families on average each month.


Last year, Nipissing District Paramedics responded to 18,462 calls.

Area (SQ KM)

This is who we serve:

The District of Nipissing has a population of approximately 85,000 people covering 17,000 square kilometers. This includes 11 municipalities, two First Nations and two unorganized areas; Nipissing North and Nipissing South.