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Vendor of Record for Professional Development Services

This Expression of Interest (the "VOR") aims to establish a roster of qualified individuals, consultants and companies who can provide professional development sessions (i.e. workshop, seminars, webinars, training, etc.) to individuals working in the early years and licensed child care sector on an as-needed basis (the "VOR Listing").  DNSSAB expects the Vendor to develop and deliver professional development training upon receiving written instructions (the "Assignment") from DNSSAB's delegate contact.

If you wish to be considered a Vendor of Record to deliver professional development services to the early years and licensed child care sector on behalf of DNSSAB Children's Services, please complete the form below.  It's important to note that if you are selected as a VOR, your company will be identified in the VOR Listing on our website.

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General Instructions & Conditions

By submitting this form, the Vendor acknowledges the following:

1. The application form must be submitted by an authorized agent of the Vendor. 2. Prices will be considered to be in Canadian funds, unless otherwise specified by DNSSAB. 3. DNSSAB reserves the right to award a contract "in whole or in part". 4. Before the commencement of any work, the Vendor and DNSSAB shall arrange a specific agreement that will include any unique terms and conditions for that Assignment (the 'Assignment Agreement') and/or an invoice that includes details related to the agreed upon services. 5. Being on the VOR List does not guarantee work. 6. Once a VOR has been approved, the term of the VOR will be 5 years. DNSSAB has the right to extend or terminate a VOR at any time by providing a 30 day notice. 7. DNSSAB retains the right to select a firm or individual not on the VOR List for any Assignment at its sole discretion, without penalty or liability.

The following selection criteria will considered when deciding whether to accept a Vendor of Record:

- Content must be relevant to the early years and child care sector needs - Price must be reasonable - Vendor should have over 1 year experience in delivering the services - Vendor should have the flexibility to deliver the services based on sector needs - Vendor has the availability to provide virtual and/or in-person services

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