Quality Assurance

Nipissing Quality Assurance Achievement Program
dirt path and sunset with the quote 'quality is a journey, not a destination'

Quality is an essential part of every early learning and child care program.  The DNSSAB’s Quality Assurance team, which is made up of two Quality Assurance Program Specialists (QAPS) and the Children’s Services Supervisor (CSS), provides supports to professionals working in licensed child care centres and EarlyON Programs in the District of Nipissing to ensure high quality programs are offered.


The QAPS work with child care educator teams, EarlyON practitioners, and supervisors to support quality early learning environments for children and families.  Their role is to mentor, collaborate and support reflective practice and to help programs achieve and maintain quality programming for children.

The CSS works closely with administrators, supervisors and directors to support with the implementation of quality practices within programs and services.


The Nipissing Quality Assurance Achievement Program (NQAAP) was created with the intent to support early years and child care programs on their journey to quality services and continuous improvement. 

With that philosophy in mind, each program’s journey will be documented, starting with a Self-Assessment, followed by an Annual Site Visit.  The Annual Site Visit Report will be updated following each site visit, reflection and conversation and will assist programs in tracking and assessing progress.  It also encourages teams to reflect on new ideas and to implement innovative strategies as they continue their quality assurance journey throughout the year.

NQAAP Guidelines & Supporting Documents

The Children's Services team is currently working on updating the NQAAP Guidelines and supporting documents, which will be available for download here once they are completed.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the NQAAP, you can email quality@dnssab.ca.