Coordinated Access

Coordinated Access Nipissing

Coordinated Access Nipissing (CAN) is a shift in the way that community agencies support individuals experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. Individuals and families can contact any of the agencies listed below for information, referrals, and/or support. Households will be asked to complete a common intake and consent form and may be asked for further information to support their housing journey. Individuals who are experiencing homelessness will be given the option to add their name to the By-Name List (BNL). The By-Name List is a secure real-time list of all people experiencing homelessness in the District of Nipissing. This list is used to prioritize individuals and households based on their needs and to ensure no one falls through the cracks. Individuals and households on the by-name list will have their needs assessed. As services, supports, and housing options become available, individuals and households will be matched based on their needs and overall eligibility.